how to setup & successfully spread µbot

for the true skiddie!

fixes are already done!

1. µbot

firstly, you're going to have to download the files for µbot (download)

2. registering with a webhost

now you're going to need to get some sort of hosting, i'm going to do this on 000webhosting, just go to their website, and sign up.
i would suggest using a different hosting provider, i'm using 000webhosting simply for this thread.

3. uploading

now you're going to have to upload your files to your hosting..
you can either do this through the online file manager provided by 000webhosting, or via filezilla.
(i'm going to presume the use of filezilla).

3.1 file transferring

after downloading filezilla, you now need to connect to your hosting service.

3.1.1 logging in

go to the members area of 000webhosting, and login with your details.

3.1.2 click the "view ftp details" option.

3.1.3 ftp details
you're now going to connect to your hosting through filezilla.
take the information you have and place it into the filezilla client, your password is the password you used to sign up for an account with 000webhosting. hit "quickconnect" once you've done so.

3.1.4 extracting files

extract the "ubot source.rar"
extract the "php source"
extract the "vb6 source"

3.1.5 time to upload.

navigate locally to ..\ubot source\php source\php source\
navigate to public_html on your hosting
then select all of your folders / files in php source, and then right-click - upload
once uploaded, select all files & folders in public_html, and click file permissions. set it to 755, apply to all sub directories/files.

4. create your sql

navigate to the sql panel in the 000webhosting cpanel.

here, you're going to create a sql database, simply enter your desired username & password. (password must contain alpha & numeric characters)

5. link your sql

through filezilla, navigate to public_html/inc/
now, right-click on config.php, and press view/edit
now you should have the config file up in notepad/ notepad++
edit the sql info to your info from 000webhosting
the "$server = 'localhost';" should work, although to be safe.. look at the sql creation page on 000webhosting and it should show your host there. for example, mine is "". (changes over time)

6. importing sql

now you're going to have to import the pre-made sql database.
navigate to the 000webhosting cpanel.
now click on phpmyadmin

once you have done this, you will see your database, click "enter phpmyadmin"
when phpmyadmin loads, click import.
then click browse under "file to import"

locate the boatnet.sql file.
once done, hit go.
the sql is done!

6. downloading vb6

download vb6 here, if you already have it.. then continue!
(visual basic express is not vb6 for those that do not know...)

thanks to psiico for the dl link :)

7. editing the bot

once vb6 is installed, launch it. you will be given options.
now, click existing, and navigate to your vb6 files for µbot

now that you have your project open... on the right, there should be "svc (project1.vbp), double click on on "forms", then double click on "svchost (form1.frm)", and again double click on the "clock" or "timer" on the screen which appears.
now, you should have a screen showing something like this,

8. linking the bot with your panel

you will be able to find two lines declaring ..panel = "".. obviously, edit both of these.
also, you can change the mutex, be free to bash your keyboard!
now you can change your interval, this is how often (in minutes) your bots receive their commands, less than 5 minutes is highly unrecommended.
save your work, and hit file>make final.exe

8. bot complete

congratulations, your µbot botnet is successfully complete!
now to spread that bot!
i suggest getting chrome crypter 2.7 to stop your file being detected.

9. spreading

to spread your bot you can use several techniques:


example: make a believable youtube tutorial on how to ddos people, whilst having a "hot chick" background which will attract zombies just by the look.

chat roulette & omegle

e-whoring ;)
download a suitable fake girl video here: download
and a way to show it! download

yahoo & msn

yahoo & msn messenger chat spammers,
"free webcam hack, download now, only 12 downloads left!"


get hold of a good email spammer, have something creative in detail such as "you're avg license has expired, download update.exe".


example: link a download to a fake video displaying a codec error on your webpage, named "x-codec.exe" (the names of the people you gather by this, is rather funny sometimes, "[email protected]"...)

10. round number! all done!

thanks for reading, hope it came to use!
please leave a thank if it does help!

first contribution to hf, hope you're all satisfied o.o

p.s. its recommended to do the cron command frequently, or just before you check your clients.
cron command:

/usr/bin/wget >/dev/null