host booting tutorial

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*note* all of these programs are detected as viruses. i promise you they aren't, and won't cause any harm to your computer as long as they're used correctly.

what is host booting?
host booting is a form of ddos (distributed denial of service). you build a botnet which are zombies/bots (infected computers), and you attack a specified ip with a shit load of packets. the person's modem or router becomes overwhelmed with information and slows down, possibly stops working depending on the size of your attack. host booters are usually used for cheating in video games, but many have a tcp or syn flood options for attacking websites. another way to ddos is using irc botnets, to learn how to make an irc botnet, click here.

host booters

dark ddoser

metus delphi 2.8
*uses any port

ddoser 3.0
*uses any port

metus 2.0 gb edition
*uses port 3176

*uses port 3174

creating your bot/virus

for metus delphi 2.8

  • sign up here and make a redirect host to your ip address.
  • open up metus delphi and go to the "server builder" tab. put your no-ip redirect host that you created in the "host" text box. choose the port and stuff you want to use for connections. edit all other settings to your liking, then click the "build" button. the server you just created will be in the same folder that the client is located.
  • go to the "options" tab in the client and put the port that you used to create your server in the "auto-listen port" textbox and then click "save settings"
  • now all you need to do is spread the server.exe. i would recommend crypting it first because it's highly detected.

for metus gb edition

  • click "file" at the top and and then click "build server"
  • sign up at and make a redirect host to your ip.
  • type your no-ip host you created in the "redirect host" text box and then click "create server"
  • select where to save your bot and click save.

for biozombie

  • you will need hex workshop in order to make the bot connect to you. you can download v5 here. you can register it using this serial: 0749100408-037553-1eb4
  • right click on the bot file and click "hex edit with hex workshop"
  • press ctrl + f to open the find box.
  • for "type:" scroll down to "text string". once you've done that click on "either" on the options. now for the "value" type in "edit" and click ok.
  • now you'll see "", so now you will have to go to here be sure to use a real email address because you will need to verify it.
  • now login to and click "add a host" make your no-ip hostname 7 charactors. example ::
  • go back to your hex workshop and edit the "editt22" to the no-ip you chose.
  • go to file > save.

spreading your bot/virus
spreading is the hardest part of the process, finding where all the stupid people download from. one method of spreading is torrents. to find out how to make and spread torrents click here. another method is youtube videos. you make a video of something that someone wants, upload your virus to a downloading site like mediafire and say it's what they want. you can also spread on forums. i won't explain it all, just say it's something that the members would want and post it for download.

crypting and binding
binders and crypters are used to make your virus less detectable by anti-virus programs. binders allow you to combine your virus with another file, meaning that both files will open. crypters are used to usually just make your virus less detectable. some advanced ones can compress and do a lot of other things too. there are a lot of free ones, but paid and privately sold crypters are usually much better.

port forwarding
you need to open ports to accept the incoming connections from the infected zombies, and also to send outgoing commands to them. for help on opening ports please go to the ports that the above host booters run on are listed directly below the title of them.