i have provided the links for pony 2.0 and 2.2 both have a working panel and builder.

although they are both in russian if you can’t read russian open the panel with this http://adf.ly/1bz4ja it will translate the panel.

if it doesn’t translate it automatically right click somewhere on the page and select translate it will translate the russian into any language of your choice.

it will be detected by antivirus because it builds non fud bots, but if you don’t trust me run the builder in sandbox: http://adf.ly/1bayyt

please post and say thanks to keep the thread alive.

decryption key: !plffo-9yxtgzgzahkhwf8oau0xo9jfq338w3ygoavlg

decryption key: !fkcpjjc6in2e6nqsyglhhtwtmpjwskiobkgbvaa1tda

~~~ pony 2.0 and 2.2 panel and builder download link ~~~