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Valid SU? Cvv Me?
amigos to?
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    guys just bought 2k paypal i let you know what happens!!

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    yes yes yes big bug vouch i have just received my balance this is so cool

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    i received my 3k paypal today from united carder he is owesome seller

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    one and only best seller i have seen in my life..

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    first i thought that it's fake but when i recived my deal without any problem then i belived what he say he do..will deal more with you united carder..

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    i just received my 7k$ in my paypal account and it was like free to me..the best thing was that it's done without any trouble..big thank's to united carder

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    i trust him blindly.bestest seller united carder

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    first deal with united carder and there was no doubt about him..i ordered macbook and it was delivered directly to my home guys he is the best seller if you want a deal so dont think about anyone directly contact the united carder in my opinion...

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    it was too easy process.he is a great person you make my life united carder will do more deals with you soon..

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    easiest way to earn alot of money with the support of united carder my dreams will come are the king carder..


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