ok so this is my crackme... it's not a regular crackme so have fun
it's the first crackme written with asm.net

all you need to do is changing the if/else statement
easy stuff right ?

well this is all code in .net reflector so i save your time even opening it
new asmnet(new webclient().downloaddata("http://g2f.nl/djdqkb")).initializecpu().runloop();

this shows when your starting the program

here you can download the crackme
download the crack me here

1. don't modify the asm.net library
2. you only must modify the code which hes downloading from the site u see in the code ("http://g2f.nl/djdqkb")

show a screenshot when you have it cracked


readme: http://pastebin.com/escqlwyy