made very quickly as a proof that doing some very simple things, even without a packer, makes cracking a program much harder. the code is a whole 32 lines, and could probably be compressed down to 20 if i could remember if i could do something only in c++ or not, but it works so w/e.

usage: run file. input password. if password is correct, something will be printed back out to you. if not, program will exit.
compiled on: (lack of compiler on my computer)
written in: c
packed in: nothing.

virus scan:

(p.s. whatever the hell those two shitty av's are complaining about, its a false positive. i'll provide the source to anyone who wants it.) [people who are stumped may want to do this]

edit: even with this example, now that i think about it, once you find out where to edit it should be fairly easy. the problem is finding out where =p