this is something between a hard antinoobprotection and a crackme. think of it as whatever you want.

written in .net framework 2
not obfuscated

"what am i trying to get?"
if you cracked the antinoobprotection it returns a password which can decrypt the .rar-file which comes with the crackme/antinoob/whatever.
in the rar-file there is a beta version of my programm vtcompare
check it out and please give me some tips, bugs or improvements if you find any!
(! dont post the actual password here !)

"so this is actually a brute-force-me?"
no. of course you could try to bruteforce the rar-file but that is not the sense behind this. the antinoobprotection.exe is a simple, clean and logical programm that does different checks, puts together the password, decrypts and returns it. simple as that!

"what if i can't crack this?"
nevermind then! i will release my programm anyway to everyone (for free) in the next couple of days. (without protection of course)