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first off this tutorial is for educational purposes only i am not responsible for how you choose to use it. (im re-posting this here because it is more suited for this sub-forum)

step 1

first of down load reflector from this link (p.s. no $hitcash) click here

virus scan

link to virus scan
file info

report date: 2011-06-02 00:33:57 (gmt 1)
file name: reflector-exe
file size: 4119040 bytes
md5 hash: 035fa8c0af52ab6304466740f815c7e0
sha1 hash: fabe04217ccb8a87faab8b5a1b536b42b886f976
detection rate: 0 on 6 (0%)
status: clean


avg -
avira antivir -
clamav -
emsisoft -
trendmicro -
zoner -

scan report generated by

run the install and open it should look like this

step 2

ok now the fun part search around on youtube for things that say things like "pay pal money generator" or "all games for free on steam" and other things like that.

once you find one download the file save it to somewhere but dont run it
next drag the file into reflector and you should see it pop up (see image bellow)

step 3

ok now open up the file and ignore the resource folder and click the program name

now open the first file and ignore the others

next you will see form1 and sometimes form2. then open form1

ok you should see something like this

next look through the pink boxes for a email address.
the address should look like this

client.credentials = new networkcredential("[email protected]", "password");

ok now to prove to you guys this dose actually work


enjoy and remember this is for educational purposes only i'm not responsible for how you use this. hope this helps

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