hello everyone, today i'm going to show you all how to crack a simple application consisting of an if statement. although it is very unlikely you will see a commercial application with security like this, it is a useful way to learn.


tools used: (

- protectionid
- .net reflector
- simple assembly explorer


step 1):

as with any application you are attempting to crack, you should always check first to see if the application is using an protection such as an obfuscator or a packer. i am using protection id to do this, however you can use any up-to-date application you wish. as you can see from the image below, i havent protected this application with anything, and therefore we can jump straight in and start cracking.

step 2):

the next step i always like to do when cracking an application is get a feel of what the program is doing. for this reason i will open it up in .net reflector and view what's happening. this step can be skipped, although if you are learning i wouldn't recommend it.

step 3):

now we know how the application works, we can proceed to crack it. to do this we need to open up our application in simple assembly explorer/sae.

right click the line of ilcode you would like to change, and click edit. (alternatively, double click it).

in order to crack this application, change brfalse.s to brtrue.s

after you have made the change above, save the assembly to a new executable and run!

step 4):

success! you have cracked the application.