how to crypt your server for free!
i read many posts / threads regarding crypters and i thought let's help some members out for free.
keep in mind, this is not the same as a paid fud crypter, this is just for members who want to make their server less detectable!

only l33t / ub3r / ep1c members!
attention - dont pm me if you are not upgraded - learn 2 read please!

click here to get this ebook

virustotal scan results (my ebook):

created the server & scanned it (28/35)

crypted the server & scanned it (2/35)

this took me some time to write / create (photos, links, content, etc.) so...
please leave some feedback behind to show your support!

please dont pm me if you aren't upgraded!
(01-14-2017 09:23 am)wingsofaltair wrote:
the last page of the ebook had me choke on my food from laughter. :d
this is a great guide for all levels.

(01-13-2017 11:18 am)aid wrote:
a great tutorial makes any server early fud, with 5 minutes time and no money spent on crypters. this is a pretty new method to me, so take advantage.

(01-13-2017 03:49 am)wide awake wrote:
great ebook thanks for sharing!

(01-12-2017 04:28 pm)malicious intent wrote:
nice trick, easy to remember. thanks for the method bud.

(01-12-2017 02:39 pm)pseucho wrote:
great method, doesn't matter if you are a beginner or advanced, it will be useful
thank you!

(01-12-2017 02:37 pm)cudacore wrote:
this method is 2 legit 2 quit. nice find vbscripter

(01-12-2017 12:06 pm)zhyreox wrote:
very well structured, this free ebook (i see it as a paid ebook, very well made). it provides pictures, screenshots, well laid out texts and simple to follow steps.
i'm definitely going to test this out once i have some more time to actually construct this. the method seems really easy to follow, never heard of it before!
definitely grab this ebook up, it's free but it's written like a paid ebook straight from the ebook bazaar.

thanks, scripter!