attention everyone

whenever i turn to look at this section, all i see are people
asking what the “best botnet”is and are too lazy to look. i was
pretty bored and i made a list of most of the botnets, http and
irc, paid and not paid, all on hf and other forums.

note, i will update this with new botnets and
new services. click on the name of the botnet you
want to get started...

update: faqs are now at the bottom! good luck!



coiner http
kraken http
apollon http
icyyou http
athena http
excelsior http


di botnet
solarbot-pm me for a clean copy
rebel botnet


tor irc
olethros irc
lizard irc
athena irc
icyyou irc
bitbot irc
load irc
flow irc
silent knight irc

botnet setups

bluesharks botnet setup
dev vynards botnet setup
the.xax cheap botnet setup
spanish’s botnet setup
johnny’s andromeda and n3utrino botnet setup
bulk’s botnet and exploit pack setup

bot shops

johnny’s bot shop
johnny’s traffic shop
bulls bot shop
immortals bot shop

bulletproof hosting
immoral bulletproof hosting
bluesharks bulletproof hosting
magnitudo bulletproof hosting
iag bulletproof hosting
hackersallin hosting


q: what is a botnet?
a: a network of private computers infected with malicious software and controlled as a group without the owners' knowledge, e.g., to send spam messages. (google) my definition: the collest ******* thing ever. ddos, dll&exe, botkill, etc. the list goes on and on…[/i]

q: what is an http botnet?
a: an http botnet has a graphical user interface where the all of the botnets are listed. everything on the actual command panel is laid out. here, it is easy to send and commands like “download and execute” or “botkill.” along with these options, you also can see all of the information about the specific zombie. in most botnets, you can search for and sort by location, ip address, usernames, etc.

q: what is an irc botnet?
a: unlike http, irc botnets use an internet relay chat to relay signals and commands to all of the bots on the network. that is why it is really easy and fast when someone uses an irc to send commands to ddos. these irc botnets have other commands but they are not as commonly used as much as an http would.

q: whats the best botnet?
a: it really depends what you want, most of the great botnets you have to pay for. but there are still a bunch of free beginner’s botnets out there. so, to answer your question? look below.

q: best free beginner botnet?
a: i have fallen in love with ubot . i really just think it is the perfect beginner’s botnet.

q: best beginning paid botnet?
a: for http: i would definitely say coiner http. shield is one for the best coders here on hf and his botnet definitely shows it. it has a lot of features with some great stability.
a: for irc: shadowclaws irc. new. fantastic coder. tons of features with stability. one of the best ircs on the market today.

q: whats the best botnet for ddosing?
a: for specifically ddosing, you should always use an irc botnet, most of them are specifically designed for ddosing and not as many other features. i would recommend using athena irc . athena irc is and has been one of the strongest botnets in history. it is able to achieve full scale ddos attacks.

q: whats the best botnet for download and executing?
a: even some of the simplest bots are able to achieve these easy tasks, but the main thing that you should look in to is the stability of the botnet itself. if it is stable, you can do pretty much anything you want with it. it really is insane the amount of things you can do. for the stable botnet, i would say loadhttp. it has some amazing features and the best stability on hf.

q: how do i set these botnets up?
a: either buy a service or watch a couple of youtube videos and read about it. setting up a botnet is not easy work, it takes time and effort and patience. if i have time, i will attempt to make a video setting up a botnet in the near future.

q: i want to buy some bots, what are the best bot sellers?
a: the ones i have listed there are all great, they are all fantastic guys and great bot sellers. if i had to lean towards one, i would say johnny’s bot shop. johnny is a super great guy with great customer service. he knows his stuff and really enjoys doing what he does.

q: how do i spread my bot to infect more people?
a: a really good way to spread by yourself is by using some social engineering to influence people to download your stub. i sell an ebook on how to monetize your botnet and 5 never before ways to spread your stub for only $20.

i am also
selling an ebook on how to make money using these bots, and different spreading
methods, so don’t hesitate to pm me if you are interested!

i also have a few botnets in my arsenal...
this took a while, like 6 hours to complete, so be nice! if i forgot
any, let me know down below or pm me!

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