[#] mirai tutorial [#]
by: jihadi4potus/jihadi4prez
;i made a pretty in depth tutorial on how to setup mirai, i'm not going to post the whole tutorial here because i would have to change alot of link since i can't post links yet. it would be to much of a hassle on me and the people wanting to set this up. so i posted the tutorial on my pastebin account and my youtube channel. if you would like to check it out the links are down below.

youtube video - https: //www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=g4vup3ydjs0 (keep in mind this isn't the full tutorial, i have to record part 2)
pastebin - http: //pastebin(dot)com/u/jihadi4prez (this is the full tutorial except for scanning.)