this is a cool prank you can play on your friends.

right click on desktop

go to new then click shortcut near the top of the list.

a windows pops up.

type %windir%/system32/shutdown.exe -s -t 120 -c "this is a virus you got owned, thanks alot dick head!"

click next.

name it "what ever you want"

click finish (an icon on your desktop will appear)

right click it

go to properties.

click change icon

then it will show you a selection of icons, if none of them take to your tastes you can always browse for one.

when you've created it, why not choose your first feeble victim? if you want to send it via messengers, as it will come up as a .exe it will not let you transfer it, i suggest you download winrar, just type it in google and you'll get a download link. once you've download & installed it right click in a file and press create winrar archive. a winrar archive will popup, just drag the fake virus into and rename the file to something like "birthday invitation" and hopefully they will accept it and open the file! and watch them shit themselfs over messenger.

have fun pranking your friends, this is not a real virus, it's a prank. it can in no way damage your system, it just shuts it down. unless you know how to stop it and this is how;

simply click the start button

click run it should be on the bottom right side

in the open field type; shutdown -a

an it'll simply cancel the shutting down process.

hope you enjoyed this tutorial, hopefully more to come!

hint: make sure you use the " while creating the prank as it's vital!