in this article i will describe how to configure (compiled) horses pinch \ xinch and method for sending reports via http protocol. all that i will do to advance regannom host why there? (ask many) because i have heard a lot and read vozglikov mass messag that it is the genie is nothing nepoluchaetsya. in xinch 'is a broad and rock, so i took the horses to pinch test. and so begin. for this we potrebuetsya-

1) pre reganny host a free hosting company
2) bilder horses pinch (preferably version 2.58 alfa)
3) gheit. if anyone has been called the gate jr obyasnyu- gate svoebrazny script is written in the programming language in internete- php. its function decode and process information through otoslanuyu build viruses. (build a final product obtained by compiling bildera stores, it has increased. exe).

4) ftp client. he needs us to set all sorts of functions.
5) parser- proga for opening statements.
6) smooth scissorhands we need them to do to bring the concept.

all these files can be found at the end of the article.
and so begin. first, we have a host of guards genie, and then we take gate. editing software with a simple built-in windows or * unix notebook. opening the gate, we see a variable

$dirname = ""

between the quotes we need to write any meaning in english or in digital format (ie, numbers). for example i am taking and writing in kavychkah- realfack. store the value of the variable. now we are at the bottom line and see gate.


(who is not neperezhivayte not in the substance) is the primary remember that the tags. then store gate.
now you can throw it to the host. for this we need ftp client, once again advise you to use smartftp (convenient, intuitive, multifunctional). zakinuv host put on the script chmod 666. then remember to be inscribed in the variable.

$dirname = ""

because this is my value bylo- realfack i create in the same directory as the gate folder named realfack. then put it chmod 777. all software is configured, turn to bilderu.
running bilder pinch horses. on top, we see three stolbtsa-

smtp http file

we certainly need to click on http.
now see a string str status check :. now remember what we stood in the gate between the tags. i was ret_ok, and i am writing to check str status : now set pinch in vkusu- that is what you want to be that he did and what nehotite, but i can give one good advice. nestavte all those unused functions that you unnecessarily, simply because they will increase the size of your horses. and just as we nezabyl- line url in it, we registered our writing teperyashnego gate flooded through ftp client.
compile bad, and see that the directory in bilderom we have to build name pinch.exe
so now checking on the validity gate. come on stamps' from the browser on your software. now go through ftp client folder created in one deriktorii with geytom- i realfack. if we see that there are two unknown folder store (or at least try). if nothing is on file, then you incorrectly configured software, and you configure the predetsya zanova. who will come and see molodtsy- well, at least not west.
all we have to test run pinch'a build. going through a folder in ftp client, and find files with the extension. bin- this file which contains passer stolen from your company. zakidyvaem them in a folder for records and open parser. by setting parse a separate topic, can download video at the end of the topic.
we all set gate and compiled correctly pincha under it, so i congratulate all and .... =)