firstly visit this website and select the free vpn option and hit the get trial button.

now you will be redirected to the following page in the picture below make sure that you enter a valid email address or you will not get the code.

check your email and copy and paste the code they sent you into the location that is shown in the picture below.

just follow the on screen instructions it will give you a link to download the config download the config and remember where you saved it.

you will now need to visit the following page and download the installer as shown in the picture below.

now go ahead and install the you need the cofig folder you downloaded earlier you will need to place it in the following location.

make sure you run the desktop icon as administrator everytime you launch the program or your ip wont change properly when the program launches.

now on the bottom right of your pc click the arrow and right click on the openvpn gui as shown in the picture below.

you will now see a list of 19 ip locations choose your desired location and click connect.thats it .

remember you need to enter a new email after the 24 hour trial is up in order to get a new config just repeat the steps above and everything will be fine.

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