first you should know how to use paypal.

1. get a socks5 proxy, but you'd better use a rdp

2. set up a paypal account, better using address match the ip you are using, and better if you use real address , buy ssn and use the name/address info

3. verify the paypal account, its easy if you know ally bank , you can verify your paypal instantly. if you dont know ally bank, try to buy one, only cost $1.5

4. a lot ppl selling paypal funds, or someone selling paypal email-passwords having $$ in , you just need to add the email to the paypal , and confirm the email , then funds will arrive)

5. now wait for the funds to arrive ,with tht funds you can buy anything from anysite who accept paypal .

but , remember, the amount will be recalled any time, so this is the second part you should know:

1. the funds seller always guarantee a time , like 1 hour, 2 hours if the funds recalled in this period

2. under normal circumstances, the paypal account doesnt get limited if you spend the money and then pp recalled, it will show as a "-xxx" , a negative number balance

in this case, the site you buy items from, will ofcourse send you the item, because they get the money , and wont get dispute.

3. another situation, if you buy a large amount of pp funds, and its recalled after you spend the money, paypal will limit the account, 70% the site you buying from will get dispute.

4. so , my suggestion is , go to buy virtual goods and resell, like buy gift cards online | gyft - mobile & digital gift cards , the amazion gift card and resell.