quick and short explanation of bank bots* for starters

alright so i have decided to write a little about bank bots* aka botnets* like the commonly known ones as spyeye* zeus* citadel* ice 9 etc.

i will explain you their basic functions* what they are used for* and what you'll need to keep and maintain your own botnet. its basically written for starters who're interested in this field.

what are these botnets used for?
they are used for many different purposes like gathering private details* logins to websites* credit card information* bank logins* paypal accounts etc.

if you can use a simple keylogger or any other rat with keylogging function* why specifically go for botnet?
thats because of the function called webinjecting. by injecting the browser's api* the botnet is then able to edit the original website the victim is viewing and show what you want the victim to see.
for example* you have zeus with chase webinject on it* and when your victim visits the bank's address www.chase.com* and enters his account login info (user id and password)* a pop-up is displayed* blackening the background* asking for additional information like dob* ssn* cc details* etc as per your like.

what all is needed for running a botnet and maintaining it?
first of* you need a bulletproof vps (shared or dedicated) or a fastflux server and a domain* recommended registration in offshore countries.

and depending on which botnet you choose* you'll need crypting. 1 crypt costs around $1 to $10 for each crypt. and you'll be needing to crypt every once in a while* for like a botnet with 10k bots* and you're running spyeye* i would recommend crypting your bin and updating it every 3-4 days* so that your bots don't die aka their av detects your spyeye and removes it etc. but now new botnets like citadel have auto-crypting function* where it crypts the bin on its own and stays undetected. this way you save money on crypting.

a decent list of updated* working webinjects. you'll need this to gather additional and full information from the account logins of the banks or websites you want. so if you're looking after wells fargo and chase bank logins* you need to get webinjects for chase and wells fargo banks.

will write more on 2nd post as when i have time* and images will be added. any questions regarding botnet (of any type like spyeye* zeus* citadel) you can ask me here and i'll try my best to give you support.