stealing from phishers
i was amazed, it is so easy.

here is how you do it:


step 1 (finding hosts)
step 2 (getting logs)
step 3 (other way to get logs)
step 4 check the quality
step 5 enjoy

step 1

you need a list of hosters phishers use. search for free hosts which allow php. in this tutorial i will be using malware-site.www( site down) , which is used a lot by phishers.

step 2

getting logs.

choose a site from the list made in step one. go to google and search for:
site:malware-site.www filetype:txt

now the results will show .txt files on that hoster. go through the results and you will find phishers soon. open them and save them. congratulations, you stole from a phisher!

step 3

however most of the time the hoster will have shut down the phisher. there is a nice trick for this. just use googles cache. i love the cache <3! then save, and you stole from the phisher!

step 4

you need to check the quality. for this you can randomly choose accounts and try them. but a better method are account checkers. you insert your list there and that program checks all of them for you. they are great. just search for them, let them check, and save the accounts that work.

step 5

now have fun.

also if you find a phisher you should try:

etc you might get lucky! just dont steal from our own member phishers!