upload shell, get root auth & mass defacement tutorial
hello all , i hope you"re okay & fine

today w"re going to up shell

saving the shell code

uploading shell finished saccessfuly
get the root auth

$config['username'] = 'root';
$config['password'] = '25487193';

we will use putty to connect to the server

server ip :
login user : root
password : 25487193
now w"re going to download putty

let"s upload mass defacement script compressd as zip
1 sec i"ll back
his link: http://www.ddgim.ru/ind/mass.zip
doing a mass defacement

my index link : http://www.ddgim.ru/ind/index.html

usage : perl mass.pl <path too u're index>


so let"s start with looking for uploaded file path in the server i"ll not use bing nav

ill use google