easy way to hack facebook [not all facebooks]
hello tuxedocrew members!
first of all i did not find myself that way so the credits do not go to me.

lets start then

you must have an account on hotmail ..

1) log in to your hotmail account, then "messenger" and then click "add friends".

2) then click the facebook connect to your account that you ask ,accepted all those and then wait get you back where you were before (the "add friends") ..
3) click where it says "select from your contacts list".

4) logically you see these two
people who are already on windows live and people who are not even on windows live

5) click on the tab "people are still on windows live"
only the people who are on this card and the email is the hotmail can hacked with this way.

6) find a person who has a email on hotmail and then copy the email.

7) create new acount to hotmail and put your email victim.put details of the next blank with whatever you want ...

8) after creating the new log here email: https://www.facebook.com/recover.php

9) in the first blank write the email of the victim and search.

10) then click the change password ..

11) a email (from facebook) should be sent to the new email created.

i hope i helped. enjoy!