proper way to start out your hacking career
> ok, exactly you are a n00b now as i once was. there are simple things to follow to become a good hacker.

follow these and get your hands on it !

1.)before joining any hacking forum, make sure you know binary,hexadecimal and a programmint (at least one !)

c++ will be great for that, because most hackers know c++ and use it.

2.)after you prepare yourself with c++, you have to know html and php, that will help you a lot to make a good sense of programming.

3.)now you are ready to join a forum, a security, a hacking forum (like

you should choose a perfect forum, like this......
> the forum members and threads do not count as in google, they should have quality not quantity.

> stop being a skid and be a real hacker, i just phuk skids. for instance google is a skid forum.

> see if the members are friendly and the 4dmin is not a lamer like omniscient from

> see the threads and check out if it's not leeched from other forums.

4.) after you did the above, make a introductory post and say that you're a n00b and need help.

5.) don't try to be oversmart. you're not, the right time to outsmart others is only when you've got somethingin your head too.

6.) avoid speaking too much of 1337 !

7.) try to make your own quality post and threads and help others.

8.) try to start collecting ebooks and read 'em, reading is must.

9.) program a lot. practice and re-practice.

10.) use secure skype to call hax0r and get help.

11.) try not to be a skid, its your downfall ! don't blame coded32.

12.) try to explore a lot, be an explorer throughout the life.

13.) hacking is not easy, well tricks are easy and pre-defined ! not hacking and cracking !

14.) its your choice to pick up and choose a hat (black or white), i prefer gray !

15.) drugs help but not recommended !

b.) how not to get caught when hacking.

> this section includes how not to get caught, precaution is always recommended, safety first thingy !

1.) remember hacking is a survival trait and not a way to break in computers always

2.) act as you are a normal person and a computer illiterate !

3.) never share cc"s and acc dumps and other shits, you never know if it's a trap and he's a fed !

i am experienced in that ! and i know what exactly sharing means ! sharing in no way means sucking your ass.

4.) don't go on posting shits like " i am a hacker, i know to crack passwds ! " << this will phuk ya a lot !

5.) never get yourself into trouble using a keylogger, i am watching you !

c.) the not-to-be's

1.) you should not be associated with feds and secret services(agents)

2.) be less evil, until its necessary and if possible re-construct the damage you did !

3.) don't speak that i learned all these crap from 'coded32' or i phuk you !

4.) don't act like a boss everywhere, keep calm and maintain your goal !

5.) never trust outisde links except your community home (my !)

6.) never trust >> they are skid and make money by your postings, and what's your share ?