now most people talk about turbo tube and trust me this program did work.. however you tube has patched it as soon as they give out there daily proxy list you tube blocks all the proxy's/ip's that turbo tube releases. so no longer works it worked great when it did. but because of auto proxy refreshing program like this they updated youtube views and now its much better

now youtube alows a certain amount of views from one ip address and proxy this is 300views if you go over that amount of views this the video views will be frozen for around 4-7months and trust me it ****s! but once the video gets over 300 from different viewers (you have to get the views to around 298 then two real other people need to get it to 300+) so once its past 300views it will make the video so that you can get unlimited views from any ip, do not use proxy auto refreshers because they are very slow and like i said you can now get as meany views as you want from the same ip.

so this heres what to do
1). download opera here : then install and run the program (opera explorer)

2).then go to your youtube video with the opera explorer example :
(i haven't gotten the views up on this video i actually wanted to see how many views it could get buy itself).

3). now right click > reload every > custom > enter length of the video. or shorter if you want eg. 5seconds