commview is a powerful network monitor and analyzer designed for lan administrators, security professionals, network programmers, home users…virtually anyone who wants a full picture of the traffic flowing through a pc or lan segment. loaded with many user-friendly features, commview combines performance and flexibility with an ease of use unmatched in the industry. in this thread i will provide you with software download and manual on how to do it all by yourself! this is the one and only most noob proof guide ever made! you will be able to hack any w-lan in your range with ease and safety. the software provided is cracked and not infected anyhow.

this application captures every packet on the wire to display important information such as a list of packets and network connections, vital statistics, protocol distribution charts, and so on. you can examine, save, filter, import and export captured packets, view protocol decodes down to the lowest layer with full analysis of over 70 widespread protocols. with this information, commview can help you pinpoint network problems and troubleshoot software and hardware.

how can a network analyzer help me?

if you are a seasoned professional, you definitely know the answer. managing a lan, creating network-oriented software, or performing a security audit have one thing in common: you're blind without a good network monitor. every day, it helps you maintain efficient network data transmission, test firewalls and intrusion detection systems, or identify problems with network-based applications. and there is an important economic reason behind using a network analyzer: it costs a fraction of the price of information, time, software, and hardware that may potentially be lost or wasted by not using a network analyzer. a number of case studies describe real-world applications of commview in business, government, and education sectors.

if you are new to networking, you'll find commview extremely useful for understanding how the internet and your lan work. being a network analyzer (also commonly referred to as a packet analyzer, network monitor, or packet sniffer), it captures and decodes network traffic and makes sense of it, allowing you to see what, where, and how information leaves and enters your computer -- which is critically important for a secure internet experience. the online tutorial is an excellent resource for learning about the many exciting features commview offers.

what you can do with commview:

* view detailed ip connections statistics: ip addresses, ports, *******s, etc.
* reconstruct tcp *******s.
* map packets to the application that is sending or receiving them.
* view protocols distribution, bandwidth utilization, and network nodes charts and tables.
* generate traffic reports in real time.
* browse captured and decoded packets in real time.
* search for strings or hex data in captured packet contents.
* import and export packets in sniffer®, etherpeek™, airopeek™, observer®, netmon, and tcpdump formats, export packets in hex and text formats.
* configure alarms that can notify you about important events, such as suspicious packets, high bandwidth utilization, unknown addresses, etc.
* create your own plug-ins for decoding any protocol.
* exchange data with your application over tcp/ip.
* export any ip address to smartwhois for quick, easy ip lookup.
* capture loopback traffic (a new, unique feature in version 4.1).

commview download: <---install it and crack it as any other application.
wireless hacking plugin + manual download: <--- run the application and read the manual to help you with process.