this is a complete tutorial on how to setup the java drive by applet !

step one
sign up at:

step two
download the java applet here:
its safe check for yourself:
spoiler (click to view)
and unzip the file with winrar

step three
upload the files needed for the setup (all the files inside the java applet file + the virus you want to spread)
how to upload your virus you want to spread
1: login on
2: click on "files" [image: fylfms.png]
3: click on "upload files" [image: 108h3xx.png]
4: sellect all the files from the java applet you downloaded + the virus you are going to spread and press "upload"
5: after that is done return to your files and it should look like this:
[image: 2zq4wsp.png]

step four
first copy your link from your virus make sure you copy your own link from the file you want to spread not the one from this picture!!!
[image: u1sg8.png]
after you copied that url go back to your files again and press "edit" from your "index2.html"
[image: 15qexoi.png]
something like this will show up
[image: of4nx5.png]
there are 2 things saying "your url here" (you only see 1 on the picture but when you scroll to the left there is another one!)
[image: 33acqah.png]
[image: 2ngc2gx.png]
once you replaced them press "save" and you automaticly return to your files!

step five
now your java applet should work simply press on your "index.html" and it will load and a screen will popup[image: 21jn31k.png]
if you press "run" you will get infected with the virus!

step six
the url to the applet looks something like this
[image: 9jm0yp.png]
copy the url and go to:
put your url in there and press next (were it says "volgende" on the picture but im dutch)
click the url to open the last 2 pictures, i can only have 10 pictures uploaded in 1 thread and i have 12 so just click the last 2 pictures by yourself!
now change the name into whatever you want!
as you can see i changed it into
fill in the captcha and scroll down and click on "confirm" there is no need to press on "next" because the site will also work without a email!

step seven
succes !!! if you go to the website you changed the url into (mines is it will go to your applet!!