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anonymous internet surfing, anonymous downloading-uploading torrent-p2p, amonymous wifi.
fully automatic and anonymous vpn service no logs , you don’t have to waste time on:

1 - search supports if disconnected from a server, search for a standard installation “openvpn client”
spend time for installing downloaded configs to the program.
troubleshoot the upgraded system for a stable connection to the vpn.
access to all servers for just 9 euro.
doublevpn, openvpn and pptp / l2tp / ipsec vpn - access to 40 servers in 29 countries!
subscribe to all servers of our service for 9 euro month; 3 months = 20 euro; 6 months = 35 euro; 1 year = 55 euro.

2 - unique “vpn client” is easy to install on all kinds of operating systems: mac / windows / linux / android !!!
will allow you to switch easily between the vpn servers in usa / ca / de / uk / it / sp / nl / lu / eg / pa / ro / my continuing
in the near future our service will be available in spain, greece, sweden, mexico, czech republic, poland, china, belgium ...
types of vpn connections included in a single subscription - doublevpn and openvpn.
the speed of all our servers openvpn = 10 m/bit / unlimited traffic !!!

3 - the program features an easy configuration of a vpn connection to your internet:
- automatically block internet connection when disconnected from a vpn.
- automatic connection to the vpn when you turn on the internet.

4 - also, our service has a unique n-tier, partnership program:
you will get 30% of total payments of your customers!

5 - company takes all kinds of payments in full auto mode!
webmoney / visa / master card / paypal / perfect money / bitcoin / sms and many others.

our anonymous vpn service is here!

in-disguise . com

disguise your internet connect!

sincerely, your anonymous vpn service : in-disguise . com

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dear administration,
i give you free vpn all time if you contact me.


dear users community,
i give all users this community, test vpn access, if you replays how it work our vpn service.