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Valid SU? Cvv Me?
amigos to?
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    Old but newbie exploring new grounds :) (Got plenty of drops through Europe!)

    hey! just wanted to make a thread here :) i'm an young adult who's been around the scene for 15+ years (7 years as active though) that are exploring new grounds! :) i haven't been active at all for the last.. since they implemented vbv & msc pretty much! :d before that is was sooo easy, you could just have a few dumps and order a few laptops to 'em and no1 would get even a hearing =) but not as easy as chipdumping was before the term chipdumping was even invented! :'d

    if someone has any ideas what to do with all my drops to start with that would be an excellent start :) will get some funds on friday hopefully so i can try this site and it's services out!

    peace out!

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    welcome to enjoy your stay. contact me if you have any issue.


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    Underground Money.....
    welcome bro
    Western Union, Bank Transfers,Paypal,Shipments




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