first - visit the plantronics website


if you do not live in canada/us or aus, you can go to the bottom of the page and select your country.


click the support tab

once you do that click warranty.

then click replacement


you will need to fill out the form, it is very easy takes about a minute.

the date code is the date of purchase, model number is always: 79733-11

also you must say it was from a retailer, and you can put whatever quantity you want but the more you put the more proof you will need and the harder they will be able to get, 3 seems like a decent number for me.

once you do all of this you will get a email from them saying they will get back to you if they accept your warranty claim, if they do not respond within a few days then you will be getting the headset, if they do respond then they are going to be wanting to confirm the address or want proof of purchase. you can easily go to the amazon receipt generator, and make one real quick. tell them they were purchased on the same date and if they want to see all of them you will send them all, but only send one receipt that's all you really need.

not sending the old ones back

these headphones are like kindles, they ship you the replacements and expect the other ones back. i don't know what happens if you dont send the other ones back nor do i give a fuck cause i've gotten around 10+ of these so far, to the same address, its not in my name so nothing will happen but yeah.

once you get the headphones wait a extra day and message them back, say this:

when they respond, tell them

and leave it at that, dont talk to them again, fill out another form and get more headphones with a different email.

enjoy =]