beginners spreading


there probably comes a point in your hacking career that you wish to start a botnet. where do you start? what do you do? well, you have probably already gotten your rat or hostbooter, or if you are more serious about it, you may have an irc or an http type of bot. you have gone through the rigors of set-up and you open up the gui or webpage or chatroom to begin. and then it hits you; you have no bots.

now there are a variety of ways to embark on this journey. first of all, you test your bot and make sure that it is working in either vmware or sandboxie, or on a test computer in your house, or where ever. no point in spreading a bot that doesn't work. you will probably want to bind any additional files to your bot like fake programs or worms with autospread functions or whatever, and you definitely may want to crypt it. make sure it works after everything you want done to it is done. if you need a crypter, you can make one or buy one. your choice.

where can you spread? anywhere. you may wish to purchase your first couple of hundred bots for $15-20 and then run autospreaders on your net and watch it grow. you can use youtube, facebook, yahoo, aol, msn, myspace, torrent sites, forums, blogs, twitter, vimeo, vivo, metacafe, porn sites, chatrooms, skype, frostwire, and so much more. just upload your virus on mediafire and spam links, make videos advertising shit, set up java drive-bys and spread on facebook fan pages and myspace fan pages, go into im programs and mass add people through email lists and spam your link, upload on torrent sites, share fake tools on forums and blogs, promise porncrackers and passwords on chatrooms and pornsites.

you are not going to get everyone that you see. it takes time. but the only hard part is getting started. be patient and optimize your resources and time.