adding functions to your virus

. inside you will find the three tools you need the most, shocklabs file binder, shocklabs .bat to .exe converter and inshadows .bat virus maker. of course, if you want to code the .bat virus in notepad you can. it doesn't matter.

assuming you have downloaded, i am going to continue on.
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now open inshadows program. in the bottom left hand corner below the black screen where the code comes up, type in a name for your virus. it doesn't matter because it is going to be binded to your bot later, so don't spend hours blowing neurons over your viruses name. virus will suit just fine for this purpose.

continuing on, in the tabs up top, go to "infections and deleting". under "startup infection", press "infect all drives" and "copy to startup".

go to the "security" tab now, you can choose any of those options that you wish to use. be careful, if you wish to test on yourself of what you choose.

you can modify the "block sites" code under other options to disable nvt, virustotal and other scanning sites if wanted.

a lot of these other options can be used, but a lot are not recommended. these are the best imo. there are autospread options, but idk how reliable they are.

once finished choosing your options, go to the "creation options" tab and press "save as text".

now open up the .bat to .exe converter from shocklabs. copy and paste the text from the file into the converter and hit convert. give it just a moment as it does.

now open up shocklabs file binder. choose both the new .exe and your virus that you wanted to bind it too. check run first and second file hidden. bind, and voila. added options to your virus. if you know more about .bat than i do and know useful features, please post here with the source and allow members to use. open source is the way my friends.