well, i got bored and i was sick of the ads from this app even though i like it. i'm a cheap asshole, so i wasn't going to pay to get rid of the ads either. so, i downloaded all the free apps and got my free credits on textnow to get rid of the ads, got 4 months with all the free downloads..when those ran dry..i wanted to extend my ad-free texting even more...so i thought of an idea.

in textnow, where it says earn more credits go find an app that says you need to pay like 5$ or 99 cents and you'll be awarded 7 credits in an hour. go to google and search in the name of the app like this,
name of app .ipa

install it, and wait an hour after you launch the app and you will be awarded credits. 10 credits is no ads for a month. enjoy, for all your ipod touch, or iphone users who have jailbroken!