chapter 1 : info

ebay gift card is good way to buy something from ebay.
there are loads of people who sell it but let face it they die quick.
average lifetime for one carded ebay gift card is up to 24 hours.
here i will show you how to get gift card that will last up to week.

chapter 2 : what i need.

there are 2 ways to do it.
but because its demo version then im going to keep it short.

get your hands on a ebay account that has 20+ rep and that has been inactive for last 30 days.
then you need to remove the paypal account that is linked with the ebay account and make a new one that has 500$ spending limit while unverified.
add your new paypal account to the ebay and you are set.

chapter 3 : whats next.

now you need to sell 500$ worth of electronics.
after you have done it you need to go to ebay and buy 500$ worth of gift cards.
after you have bought them you can use them with another ebay account to buy the things you want.

chapter 4 : warning

make sure you protect yourself when you use the hacked ebay account to sell things you don't have.
make sure you add 5 days for waiting period before shipping.
when ordering its would be best to use drop place but most of the times when you use the gc to order goods to your address it will be safe.