# tip 1 # use a dynamic ip (such as no-ip or dyndns)

ok, i know a lot of people at some time or another have wondered why use a no-ip/dyndns when setting up a rat/hostbooter. well the reason is simple, most peoples ip addresses change often. if the bot you spreaded is told to connect to and your ip changes to, it will connect, just not to the right ip! so in order to make sure that it will connect the right way, we use a dynamic dns. usually, this is what tools like the no-ip duc are used for, so on start up of your computer everyday it will update your no-ip host.

# tip 2 # fud-ing the server

of course we want the server to be completely undetectable to a/v programs for the best possible results, right? so if it is fud, you typically get more installs, and then once it is installed, these tend to stay connected longer.

# tip 3 # setup your server correctly

# tip 4 # updating the server

this method is rarely used, and that is wrong. the trick is, if you have a crypter, every so often, you want to update the computer with a new fud server. this makes it where if the old server is detected, you will still be connected to the victim.

# tip 5 # giving your servers dated id's

this goes hand-in-hand with before. when updating the servers, it is not a bad idea to give it a new connection name. say the server you used before is named example. when making the new fud server for updating, rename the server something like "ex 29/jan/2011". this will let you know when the last time you updated your server was.

# tip 6 # infect vip slaves with multiple servers

this is a pretty bad ass move. if you have infected somebody like a hot girl who walks around her house naked all day and you definitely do not want to lose her as your slave, try setting up multiple rat's or use the same rat, but entirely different connection information. this helps make your vip a vic. (im sorry i had to say it...)

# tip 7 # always use the injection option

some people say that it makes it less stable or more detectable. i personally inject into default browser every chance i get